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Nobody looks stupid 

when they're having fun.

What is Motoring Madness?

Motoring Madness is non-competitive, entertaining team endurance event held mainly on Auto24ring circuit. The main goal is to give the old, slow and crappy cars one last chance to bring home a  trophy.

What is MM?

2018 Season Calendar

14th Madness

2. june

15th Madness

21. july

16th Madness

3. november

Previous Events



After you have formed a team, gathered all the drivers' licence numbers, birth dates and the conctacts, you should all read the regulations and click on the button to sign up.


See you on the track!

We are looking forward to see all of you on the track,

whether you are a spectator or participant.

Entrance is free for all spectators!

For additional question please write:

We got it! Stand still and we will get back to you.

You can also write at
When you have an urgent matter, call us at +372 58844466

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