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What is Motoring Madness?

Motoring Madness is non-competitive, entertaining team endurance event held mainly on Auto24ring circuit. The main goal is to give the old, slow and crappy cars one last chance to bring home a trophy.

How to win?

How to win the Trophy?

Collect some Street Cred

It is clear that designers are actually totally incompetent when it comes to designing the cars. In Motoring Madness, the team can give a helping hand and design the

vehicle as it has never done before.

Team vibe

Your thumb is growing out of your palm? No worries! The guys, who have the best team vibe with awesome costumes and pit setup can get the attention away from the technical stuff and draw it on themselves to bring in the prize.


You can be on top of te list only if the vehicle operators (drivers) can treat the surrounding landscape and others on the track with respect by avoiding any contact.

Motor (Vehicle)
  • The car should last at least for hours of continuous hardcore redline beating mixed with heavy braking. To achieve this, the vehicle has to be in a good technical order and freshly maintained.

  • You can consider a Madness Motor to be a car model that is about to reach the end of its exploitation journey and people would not pay much more than 700€ for this model.

  • The good candidate for the position must be less than 1500kg and with maximum power potential of 75kw per ton. The vechicles that seem to be mildly or wildly faster for the Judges, when comparing the pace to the average, will be called in the pits more frequently for the cause to be investigated. The Pit Crew will test the drivers, check the vehicle and will probably reduce the aspiration potential of the engine.

  • Since we applaude and bow for only visual tuning and modifications, we shall appreciate the good visual order and added horns or cannons.

  • You can find the list of good example vehicles that are fit the event perfectly in the regulations section. In case you are not sure just ask from the organizer. It is very likely that if you already have a cool or somewhat special car, it will be allowed to the event.

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